Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shake Remixes are coming

Lupe's Shake has been a fav among dj's and aficionados, therefore we've asked a couple of talented guys to haul the track over. And they did. Riptide, David Vunk and Mr. Jones are all on fire here. Riptide is going where he does the most damage; the disco realm. David Vunk from Moustache Records fame takes it back to the dance floor of early 90's houseparties, while Mr. Jones, Dave Clarke's studio partner, cooks up a lovely techno flavored banger. Check!
Tracks will be available from December 10th.
The video is launched and it's a future classic! Watch it here or here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big things are upon us...

It has been a while, that's true. But believe us when we tell you that we are making some changes for the better. A whole new label will be launched soon as part of the Instant Replay family. More information will come your way when we're ready to unleash the beast....

For now enjoy this little movie with music by VeemanJanssen. The nice peeps at Diesel threw an unparalleled party last week and it shows in this movie.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Damien Damien - Exorcizes Vol. 1

Damien Damien is the title of the demonic play ground of Joost van Bellen, the legendary Dutch dj and promoter. Van Bellen was one of the dj’s who introduced early techno and acid house in 1987 in Europe and has been on the forefront of what is happening in clubbing and electronic music for ever since. His latest venture Rauw, a club night, which has been going since 2003, has introduced many artists to the electro, electro techno, innovating house and disco punk scenes.
Van Bellen’s credo “As long as it unsettles and bites it’s good” works also for this project. In cooperation with fellow artists, van Bellen is investigating the dark side of empty-headed fun and hedonism, not stopped by any limit of genre or sound.
Instant Replay has the honour of releasing Exorcizes Vol.1.
Go to our Giftshop to download the Bart B More remix, absolutely free! Buy the full E.P. here.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

TWR72 are back!

Yes! Finally, after a little sidestep to our friends of Bad Life, our own handsome twosome TWR72 is back with a new EP.


Starting of with the light vibe of Summer; feel the sun beating on your head while popping a few and throwing your hands up on a festival. Autumn continues with the same sound but takes it into the deep, darker and harder, while Winter is a pure thoroughbred techno banger. And the longest tracks our friends ever made!
Available in all downloadshops across the web on May 25th, but you can download a free Acid remix of Summer in our Giftshop

Monday, March 7, 2011

New releases coming up. Finally!

Other obligations, new friends, old habits... Mountains high, valleys deep.
Nothing can keep us away.
Instant Replay is getting ready for a two week tour in the United States of America and we'll bring new releases. First stop is Austin, watch out for the Instant Replay sampler with a taste of things to come; Damien Damien; twisted disco from the equally twisted mind of Joost van Bellen. The self-proclaimed disco-dinosaur delivers a very strong E.P. with unique almost cinematic disco tracks. Bart B More drops a remix as an extra added bonus .
Also coming in the near future, the new E.P. from TWR72. No need for an introduction; after the release of their single Tunnel these guys blew up. Remixing Teki Latex, The Benelux, Don Diablo and Rimer London, dj-ing around the globe. They will be very busy after the new EP drops; it's bigger than life.