Monday, June 20, 2011

Damien Damien - Exorcizes Vol. 1

Damien Damien is the title of the demonic play ground of Joost van Bellen, the legendary Dutch dj and promoter. Van Bellen was one of the dj’s who introduced early techno and acid house in 1987 in Europe and has been on the forefront of what is happening in clubbing and electronic music for ever since. His latest venture Rauw, a club night, which has been going since 2003, has introduced many artists to the electro, electro techno, innovating house and disco punk scenes.
Van Bellen’s credo “As long as it unsettles and bites it’s good” works also for this project. In cooperation with fellow artists, van Bellen is investigating the dark side of empty-headed fun and hedonism, not stopped by any limit of genre or sound.
Instant Replay has the honour of releasing Exorcizes Vol.1.
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