Friday, May 25, 2012

Yes...PinkPink is here!

Today's the day that Yes...PinkPink finally sees the light! We're very happy and proud to have signed this artist from The Hague in Holland. He's a freak, of the best kind. Driven by an ADHD character, and it shows on stage. Yes...PinkPink or an3 for friends, is a truly unique individual, started his Yes...PinkPink project back in 2010 as a research on the danceability of his soul & the colour "pink", this resulting in his own contemporary universe. Like Ulrich Seidl dancing the flamenco with Rihanna.
A mash-up of nu.electro, urban, post rave, 8bit, a little 80's & 90's flavour and a poppy falsetto voice.

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